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INVERTER MIG 250/400/600

  • Portable, Compact and Light Weight
  • Excellent Arc Characteristics on both solid and Flux Cored wires.
  • Delivers Smooth and stable are even at Lower Current
  • Save Electricity Cost
  • Unique integrated Adjustment control offer automatic Control in.
  • Welding current when arc voltage is changed due to hand movement.
  • Very low spatters due to inverter based power source.
  • Fresh Arc Start, Smooth and optimum bead shape.
  • 100 % indigenous & service possible up to component level in printed circuit boards.
  • Capable of welding all types of metal like SS, MS & AI etc.
  • An excellent machine for Mig Brazing application also.
  • Digital Amps and Volts Meter For accurate and Precise Setting.


  • Low inertia and high Torque Printed Circuit Motor allows very smooth wire feeding.
  • Dynamic braking is controlled through Transistor switching ensures the longer life of motor with min overrun of wire.
  • Very light weight wire feeder weight only 9 Kgs.
  • Aluminum cast Feed roll block with single pressure touch system for various dia of wires.
  • Remote Control mounted on the wire feeder eliminates the use of remote control cable thus increased reliability and min. change of breakdown.


MODELMIG – 250MIG – 400MIG – 600
Mains Voltage415+ 10%, 50 Hz, 3P415+ 10%, 50 Hz, 3P415+ 10%, 50 Hz, 3P
Input Power8.5 KVA17.0 KVA33.0 KVA
Input Current (Mas)12 A24 A46 A
Open Current Voltage12 – 36 V12 – 44 V12 – 44 V
Consumption at 60% (max)
Welding current range50 – 250 A50 – 400 A50 – 400 A
Welding current at 60 % Duty Cycle250 A400 A600 A
Welding current at 100 % Duty Cycle195 A310 A465 A
Dimension (L X W X H)475 x 310 x 425525 x 310 x 475600 x 350 x 500
Weight300 Kg.45 Kg.65 Kg.
Wire Feeder250400600
Type of Motor24 V DC24 V DC24 V DC
Wire Feed Mechanism TypePrinted Armature Pancake Type
Drive System2 Roll Quick Release Pulse Width Control DC Drive
Wire Size (dia)0.8 – 1.2 mm0.8 – 1.6 mm0.8 – 0.2 mm
Weight9 Kg.9 Kg.9 Kg.
Rated Current250 A400 A600 A
Cable Length3 Mtr.3 Mtr.3 Mtr.