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Butt Welding  is a most modern Resistance Welding Process which ensures joint strength even 25% higher than parent metal.


GAIDU FLASH BUTT WELDING MACHINE are specially designed for ferrous and non-ferrous wire processing industries in the manufacture of Wires, Cables, Conductors, Wire Ropes, Transformers, Cycle Tyre Bead Wires. Users also include wire-products manufacturers, metal working industries, spun-pipe manufacturers, automobile industries etc.

GAIDU BUTT WELDERS  are product of many years of research and development in the field of Resistance Welding Technology. The automatic welding process guarantees high tensile and uniform welds withstanding subsequent drawing.

Design :  GAIDU Butt Welders are highly precise and elegantly designed upset Flash Butt Welding Machines. The machines are portable and easily movable on wheeled trolley.

Easy to operate :  The operation of the Butt Welder is so simple that even unskilled personnel find it easy to get perfect weld.

Construction : Main body housing the welding transformer and controls is well ventilated and constructed from light alloys & steel. Internal parts are easily accessible for check up and maintenance. All components are compacity designed and sturdy to withstand the heavy-duty work. 
Capacity           1 – 250 K.V.A
Input Supply     415 v (I and II Phase)
Type                Upset / Flash
Operation         Manual / Pneumatic / Hydraulic